The First Years Jet Stroller Review

The first years jet stroller is designed to be used by a baby. The stroller is very comfortable and it is made using durable and strong frames. It is only designed for babies who weigh not more than 50 pounds. The jet stroller has a seat base that is wide enough to make the baby comfortable and relaxed. The stroller further has a one-hand fold making it easy to fold it and store it. It only weight about 11 pounds thus easy and light to carry it both in the car trunk and with hands.

Additionally, this stroller is made of strong and large wheels. This makes it easier for the stroller to move on any type of surface without making the baby uncomfortable. The diameter of the wheel is around 6 inches in diameter. The stroller has eight wheels in total, meaning comfort and excellent balancing is guaranteed. Additionally, the hind wheels have brakes that help the stroller to settle in place.

To ensure safety of the baby while in the first years jet stroller, there is an in built five-point harness belt. This is used to ensure that the baby is safely tucked in the stroller. Moreover, the stroller comes with a long handle. This handle is made long enough to ensure there is no bumping onto the seats or the wheels of the stroller when pushing it. This makes it comfortable and easy for anyone to push it.

The stroller further has an in built canopy. This canopy is for use when the sun is too hot. This means that carrying an umbrella will be history. The first years jet stroller has spaces to be used for storage. This storage space console at the top can be used to store things like you mobile phone, keys, water bottle, and other small things. This will make it comfortable for you to push the stroller freely and with ease. The storage space at the bottom is big enough to store diapers, bags, and handbags.

Therefore, this stroller is the best because it is durable and comfortable to use for you and the little baby. So be sure to get one for your little one.

City Select Double Stroller Options


The City Select Double Stroller range comes with an impressive range of numerous options so you can use the stroller in various combinations. There are a standard 16 different combinations you can select as well as numerous add-ons which can make a completely unique design of your own. The beauty of the City Select Double Strollers is just how much you can make the design your own so you never have that awkard moment when friends arrive with exactly the same stroller!


There is a huge range of accessories to use and includes things like additional storage areas. One very handy storage area clips to the rear of the stroller and can hold cup and cans and even the babies bottle if needed. These lightweight clip on accessories are very easy to fit by anyone.

There are also trays that clip to the front of the strollers so your child has somewhere to put a cup or food or even just to rest their head if they are a little sleepy. These clip on trays are ideal if you are out having a picnic and want your little one to remain in the stroller.

Another great accessory is the foot muff. These are so warm and cosy for the baby their feet will never be cold. They attach perfectly to the stroller and you can place your little ones lower half into the warm and snug

fleece muff to keep them dry and warm.

Another great item is a click on cool bag. These are great for days out in the park or a picnic by the sea. The cool bags fit nicely onto the stroller and will keep cold drinks and sandwiches at an ideal temperature all day. They will hold around 6 large drinks cans or several sandwiches.

Want to have the coolest stroller around? Then why not get the latest accessory which is a built in mp3 player and speakers that attach to the rear of the stroller. These are so cool that everyone is going to be so jealous of you!


You never need to get caught out in the rain too. The range of waterproof covers and umbrellas is enough to keep your baby as dry as possible. The cosy rains hoods can give all weather protection from rain, snow and wind when you are out and about but the extra large windows give your youngster a great view.

They are also designed to be well ventilated so that they do not fog up from the inside. The material used is extremely durable and will last a very long time.